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Your iGaming analytics aren’t working hard enough.

Real-time data

No more waiting until end of day... or month

Personalized dashboards

Stop guessing which of your users and channels are your most profitable

One platform for ALL your acquisition channels

Save time, get results

If your data exists, we can report it.
Bold claim? Here’s what we mean.

Reporting that's more live than the news.

Intelitics is the only performance marketing platform that offers reliable event based pixel tracking data in real time. Not by EOD. Or after 24hrs..

Live live.

Get your data whenever you hit refresh.

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Customize... pretty much everything.

We don’t believe you should have to run multiple reports, export data, run external pivots to get to the data you need. With Intelitics you get complete flexibility with your dashboards. Which means every team can get reports custom tailored exactly for their needs.

Your partners will have less questions. And your BI team will thank you.

Capture ALL your channels

When we say all channels, we mean it. Our platform connects with just about every channel your teams need. Whether that’s PPC, Email, Display, Affiliate, CPV, Social, POP, Native, Push…

And anything else the kids are using these days.

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Track your pixels better than Google

Sure, you can place and track all the pixels you need. But with Intelitics, your partners can place and track all their pixels, too.

Easily work with your partners to get them the data they need, and never lose another good partner to the shortcomings of your tech stack.

One analytics platform. All your data.
It’s time to streamline your stack.

The other analytics platforms just accept the fact that you have your data siloed and do their best to help you sync them.

With Intelitics, you actually get it all in one place.

No more digging through channels. No more scattered tools


Net Gaming Revenue


New Depositing Customers


Clicks Tracked


Link Redirect Speed

But what about migrating all our data?

If you’re already using an analytics platform, you might think this all sounds great, but the thought of migrating… sounds like a lot of work. And time.

Not exactly something your team has in spades.

That’s why we take care of the migration — entirely. Whether you just want to start with a single market or your entire user base. Connect us to your platforms and consider it done.

Not sure if your paid media strategy is analytics-ready?

Inside, find out:

• The advantages of paid media

• How to use that data to identify your high LTV players without waiting 1-3 months